New Year’s Eve 2019

We stayed awake until midnight, counted down the seconds to the New York ball, and shouted "happy new year." The kids had the rest of the eggnog, and the adults had sparkling wine, and we clinked the glasses. Then everyone else went to bed, and I watched a lame romantic movie downstairs. Now it's 2019. …

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Christmas is Over!

It is unbelievable that Christmas 2018 is over. We had a power outage for four days, and got electricity back on the 24th, just in time for Christmas. Our street smelled of gasoline, and the sound of generators. Not pleasant at all. Still trying to get the smell of gas out of my car. We …

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RIP Stan Lee

Stan reached the ripe old age of 95 when he passed in November 2018. He shall be missed by his fans. I am one of them. I shall miss looking for his cameo in the Marvel movies. Here is his facebook and Marvel's website featuring Stan Lee. My favourite Marvel character is Thor.    

Resources for Fantasy/Sci-fi

I've done a lot of research for various stories. From operating a Spitfire to reincarnation to UFO's to weather patterns to military history, the list is endless. While researching, I've picked up threads of useful information that could turn into an actual book. For instance, I'm writing a story about early hominids, and a specific …

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